USC-UCLA rivalry
Illustrations/John Dykes

Rivals: What you need to know

Xổ số thứ ba hàng tuầnWith the football matchup set for Saturday, see how when it comes to academics, sports, marching bands and school spirit.

Stress in the ER

Stressed out in the ER

Emergency room work is stressful, of course — but a USC study finds high-stress emergencies have a on ER doctors — longer than you might expect.

Empty rain gauge

A dry, warm winter ahead

may lead to sandals and sunglasses at Christmastime. USC experts explain the risks such warm weather poses to the state’s water supply and wildlife.

Measuring the biggest wave
Photo/Damien Poullenot

Measuring the big wave

When the World Surf League needed to determine the winner of its Women’s XXL Biggest Wave Award, there was only one person to ask: USC Viterbi’s .

Self-driving car

Teaching your car to drive

Xổ số thứ ba hàng tuầnUSC researchers have developed a method that could allow robots to , like setting a table or driving a car, from observing a small number of demonstrations.